Prior Knowledge For Episode 2

Before episode 2, we'd better to know the rule of the game we are going to make.

Background story:

In the old days in China, the rich and powerful landowners oppressed the farmers who work hard on the land, threatened the villagers . In order to gave full vent to their hate, the farmers invent the "Fighting the Landlords".

At the beginning, the landlords were given three more cards to highlight the domineering of the landlords, while the farmers Use two-on-one to express the psychology of winning by teamwork.

  1. Basic Rules The landlord is on one side, and the other two players are on the farmer side. The game ends when any player finishes playing cards. There are 54 cards in total. After the game starts, each of the 3 players is dealt 17 cards, and the remaining 3 cards are the landlord cards.

  2. The brand

    • Spring: After the landlord has played all the cards, and the peasants have not played a single card, it is spring.
    • Anti-Spring: After the landlord plays the first hand of cards, the farmer controls it, and until the farmer finishes playing the hand, the landlord has not played a card, that is, the anti-spring.
    • Double: After confirming the landlord again, both the landlord and the peasant can freely choose to double or not to double, and if they choose to double, the multiple will be x 2 (if both of them choose double, the multiple will be x 4).
    • King Fried: That is, the double king is in hand, and the card type is the largest card type and can press any card type.
    • Bomb: Four cards of the same rank are bomb cards. For example: 4444.
    • Single: A single card.
    • Pair: Two cards of the same value.
    • Three Cards: Three cards of the same rank.
    • Three with one: Three cards of the same rank + any single card. For example: 333+4.
    • Three with two: Three cards of the same rank + a pair of cards. For example: 333+44.
    • Four with two: Four cards of the same rank + any two cards. For example: 3333+4+5 or 3333+44.
    • Straight: A single card with five or more consecutive points, 2 and the king cannot be linked. For example: 34567.
    • Connected Pair: Three or more consecutive pairs of cards, 2 and king cannot be connected. For example: 334455.
    • Airplane: Two or more adjacent three cards, 2 and the king cannot be connected. For example 333444.
    • Airplane with wings: Plane + the same number of singles or pairs. For example: 333444+5+6 or 333444+55+66.
  3. Multiples

    • Bomb (King Bomb): x2
    • Spring: x2
    • Anti-spring: x2
    • Pair, Flush, King: x2
    • Double king and straight in the hole card: x3
    • A straight flush, three cards in the hole card: x4
  4. Game Rules
    • The system randomly selects a player to call the landlord first, and then the other 2 will grab the landlord or not.
    • When calling the landlord, you can choose not to call or call the landlord. After someone calls the landlord, you can rob the landlord. Call the landlord multiples of 1, 2, and 3 times, and the first to grab 3 times is the landlord.
    • After confirming the landlord, the three hole cards are shown and the landlord gets the last three hole cards.
    • In the card playing stage, when it is your turn to press the card, you can freely choose not to play or play a higher card than the previous player.
    • The game ends when any farmer player finishes playing cards, and 2 peasants win. If the landlord have finished playing cards, the game ends and the landlord wins.

Fighting the Landlord itself is a strategic game. As a landlord, you must understand the advantages of your three cards. As a farmer, when your own advantages are insufficient, you must choose to cooperate in a group. Opportunity to defeat the landlord to win.

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